Opera Vs UC Browser

Hello Friends!

Today We Will Discuss about Two Biggest and Widely used Mobile browser! If you want to choose which you want to use then you are at the right post!

Without much talking lets’ get directly into our topic!

Opera Since it’s establishment is a rich and powerful browser for mobile phones which replaced all native mobile browsers rapidly! It Have over 2 Million Users around the world who loves it in different platform. Especially designed to Minimize data usage, clean and advanced web surfing Opera Won Everybody’s Heart. Page Saving, Unlimited Bookmarks, Managed Downloads, Advanced User Interface system and Clean Design are the assets of Opera Mini! But Sometimes due to overload in Devices memory by Opera, It ‘Hangs’ and need to restart the Application!

Uc Web or UC browser came a bit late in the race! After Few Years of Opera’s Arrival UC also arrived with its unique features! More managed Browsing, Fast Downloads and File Manager with Muntiple Theme got UC popular over the years! Althrough UC have some advancement than Opera but UC got some drawbacks which aren’t fixed yet! Unclear styling, NO Proper CSS/HTML/JS support cause UC left behind but the Text Copy Clipboard, Online Storage, Cloud Download, Inbuilt file manager, Download every sort of file internally and much more covered the drawbacks!

Overall, We will come here that Opera and UC, they both are better in their way but the choice is of user! If you want clean, stylish and cool browser then choose Opera or if you are download/upload addicted then UC will be good choice!