Do Easy Nepali Typing From PC

Every Nepali Internet user dreams of expressing their words with their own language (Nepali). There are different Unicode converters in web which provides this feature but all are not such efficient since they are so hard and inconvenient to use and we need to visit one specific site, type our contents and copy and paste to another site where we want to post that content.

But Technology keeps on updating! Google has now released its input tools for PC which enables users to type 22 different languages including Nepali. Here are the steps to use Google Input Tools!

Step 1: Go to

screenshot 1

This window above will appear after you go to the given address (URL) above!

Step 2: Click at ON WINDOWS found at the top bar

Now click at On Windows icon on the top bar or click the TRY IT OUT  button. After clicking the following page will appear!

screenshot 2

Step 3: Choose Items

screenshot 3

As shown in the image below, tick the Nepali Option and tick on “I Agree to the google…..” and click at Download Button.

Step 3: Download the File

After clicking on download button, a dialogue box like below will appear. Now click on save file. (the dialogue box may vary from different browsers)

screenshot 4

screenshot 5


Step 4: Finding the downloaded file and install

After downloading is finished, go to downloads menu of your browser or type CTRL+J to open downloaded file list. Search the downloaded file like in below picture and click it.

screenshot 6

Step 5: Installing

The file you have downloaded was just a program to download the real files. You must need an internet connection here. After giving administrative permission to the Installer file (click yes to the dialogue box that appears after you click the download file) The Google app will connect to internet, download data and install it for you automatically!

screenshot 7


Step 6: Finishing Installation

When the app finish installation after downloading the data, then below alike box will appear. Click on the close button in the box (same like below one) !

screenshot 8


Step 7: Congratz! You have installed Nepali Keyboard for yourself!

Congrats! You have successfully installed the Nepali typing keyboard for your PC. Now at the task bar of your windows, go to the bottom right side (or where you kept your task bar position) and click on the ENG icon!

** This format is of Windows 8. For older version it may vary **


After that a box like below will appear and click on the NEPALI (Google input tools)  options!

screenshot 10


After Enabling the Google Nepali Input tools, you can see the following Widget on bottom-right of your screen:
screenshot 11
Seen that Floating Widget? If yes then you are ready to go! Now go to any application (MS Word, Your Browser, or even paint app ) and start typing. Here is the screenshot of typing a Nepali text live with Words Suggestions.
screenshot 12


** NOTE: Please hit space bar after typing a word to convert it in Nepali Language. **

OK! Now You have successfully installed the Nepali Live Unicode typing feature to your device. If you want to switch to English language (If you don’t want Nepali typing for some actions) the go to Task bar where you can find a text written नेपा ! Click on that text, you will see same list like we show above while enabling Google Input Tools. Choose English Options and that’s all!

If you are thinking, Even after writing this post I haven’t  typed a bit of Nepali language then here is the example:

तपाईले यो पोस्ट पढी दिनु भएकोमा हार्दिक धन्यवाद गर्न चाहन्छु ।

## Don’t forget to share this post to your friends and group to help them type Nepali fast and easily! If You feel any difficulties in above steps please comment below and we will try our best to ease you 🙂

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