Google cloud printer

Google has been developing awesome products for their customers. They produce a product that has common subject of interest and generalized product. Google has brought all of its product that has positive impact on individual user.

Cloud Printer is one the emerging new technology from Google for printing any document over the internet. It just make it easy to printer anytime at anywhere. Just we need to have Google  account and a simple any printer.

With the cloud printer you don’t need to be with your own office, home or your local network. You can print your document from home to your office printer. Not only from your laptop ever you can print using your phone, tablet or any other device that is connected to the internet.

It has fewer step to setup down the cloud printer for you. Also you can share your printer to whom you want to let them print by sharing printer to them. It easy just like you share any document over the Google Drive.

Cloud printer works with all types of printer that are available in the market. But for the best experience we should have Google Cloud Ready printer. Google could printer changes the way we print.


settingAdding the local printer is pretty easy. Using Google Chrome browser any printer and be added right away. In the setting of Chrome there is advance setting option there is link for managing printers. Using that link local printer can be added into any free Google account. Once added to the account it is ready to print the document from anywhere with that account and those who are shared that printer.

listofprinterOnce the printer is added into Google account it will appear on that account . You can delete or share printer to others simply by selecting printers. Anyone to whom  shared the printer can access printer and print the document from almost any device. Printer sharing can be manage so that only selected people can get access to your printer.

Just signup Google free account, Get your Chrome browser. Add your local printer into your account  on advance setting of Chrome Browser. After adding printer list of your printer can be found here.
Then enjoy the Cloud Printer